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new rules for family visit visa kuwait 2024

new rules for family visit visa kuwait 2024

family visit visa kuwait aims to simplify the process for immediate family members and relatives from abroad to come together with their loved ones in the country. In this article, we’ll discuss the most recent information regarding the launch date of Kuwait’s family visa program, examine who qualifies, and detail the steps for applying.

family visit visa kuwait

family visit visa kuwait is custom-made for those immediate family members and relatives living abroad who long to visit their loved ones in Kuwait. Designed to foster reunions and bolster familial connections, this visa category offers a pathway for families to unite and create cherished memories in Kuwait.

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new rules for family visit visa in kuwait

Here are the new rules for family visit visa in kuwait 2024: 

  • Immediate family members and relatives residing in foreign countries desiring to visit family members in Kuwait qualify for the family visit visa.
  • Unlike other visa categories, the family visit visa has no stringent eligibility criteria. Proof of relationship is the primary requirement for approval.
  • Travelers with valid proof of relationship can easily obtain the Kuwait Visit Visa, facilitating reunions with their loved ones in the Gulf state.

family visit visa kuwait update

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has declared the resumption of family visa processing effective January 28, 2024.

  • Applicants must meet new criteria, including a minimum salary of KD 800, possession of a university degree, and employment in a field matching their expertise.
  • Changes aim to enhance efficiency and security, aligning with Ministerial Decree No. 56 of 2024.
  • Applicants are urged to familiarize themselves with updated guidelines for a smoother application process.
  • Presentation to Interior Minister Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled soon.
  • It involves the issuance of a special card and mandatory health insurance, especially for parents of children over 16.
  • Siblings are ineligible for visas; health insurance fees could potentially reach KD 500.
  • The maximum visit duration may extend up to one month.
  • Visitors must depart promptly after their stay to avoid penalties; non-compliance may lead to permanent visa bans for sponsoring residents.

family visit visa price in kuwait 

When considering the cost of a Kuwait family visit visa, it’s worth noting that it comes at a relatively affordable price:

Cost of Visa“3KD ($9.70)”
Included ChargesAdministrative fees related to visa processing
VariabilityVisa fee may vary depending on factors such as nationality and application location
RecommendationApplicants advised to verify exact fee and any additional charges before proceeding with application

And here is the Kuwait family visit visa minimum salary:

Previous Minimum Salary for SponsorsKWD 450 (USD 1,455.41)
Resumption of Visa Issuanceissuance of Kuwait family visit visas will soon resume, with children being prioritized initially. Subsequent stages will gradually include wives, mothers, and fathers, based on ministry criteria.
Revised Minimum Salary RequirementThe minimum salary requirement for sponsors will be increased to KWD 500 (USD 1,617) per month.

visit visa for family in kuwait validity

Visitors holding a Kuwait family visit visa or the standard Kuwait visit visa typically enjoy a validity period of: 

Visa TypeValidity PeriodAllowed Stay After Entry
Kuwait Family Visit Visa90 days (3 months)30 days
Kuwait Visit Visa (General)90 days (3 months)30 days

family visit visa kuwait appointment 

To schedule a Kuwait family visit visa appointment through Meta:

  • Log in to the Meta portal.
  • Access the “Appointments” tab.
  • Choose “Ministry of Interior Kuwait”.
  • Select “General Department of Residency”.
  • Find “family visit visa” and click “apply”.
  • Choose your nearest department.
  • Pick a date and time.
  • Review and confirm details.
  • Submit your appointment request.

kuwait visit visa open or not

Electronic visas are now available! Visit the Ministry of Interior website for details. Track your application status online, and visas will be issued upon arrival. Remember to bring a valid passport for travel to Kuwait.

new rules for family visit visa kuwait 2024

In summary, the family visit visa kuwait brings families closer despite distances, fostering stronger bonds and cherished moments together.

How to apply for a family visit visa in Kuwait?

Submit required documents and fees to the Ministry of Interior.

How to convert a visit visa to a family visa in Kuwait?

Obtain forms, complete paperwork, and submit to Ministry of Interior.

What is the procedure for a family visit visa in Kuwait?

Submit documents, pay fees, and await approval from Ministry of Interior.

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