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kuwait family visa latest news arabe times

kuwait family visa latest news arabe times

kuwait family visa latest news arabe times unveils significant revisions and enhancements to application procedures. Explore the current updates on Kuwaiti family visas and noteworthy progress impacting the visa process in this article.

kuwait family visa latest news arabe times

kuwait family visa latest news arabe times brings significant updates geared towards facilitating visits for immediate relatives of residents or citizens. Effective January 28, 2024, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has resumed processing family visas, introducing new criteria such as a minimum salary of KD 800 and possession of a university degree. Since February 7th, Kuwait has opened its doors to family visit visa applications, requiring mandatory booking through the Metta platform.

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family visa requirements

If you’re planning to reunite with family in Kuwait, the family visa is your go-to option. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need:

Family members residing outside Kuwait, including immediate family and relatives, can apply for a family visit visa.
Provide evidence of your relationship.
Upon approval, you can enter Kuwait through the Visit Visa program.

documents required for family visa in kuwait

When applying for a Kuwait family visit visa, make sure you have these documents ready:

  • Confirmation of your planned visit duration.
  • Booking a round-trip ticket with the national carrier.
  •  Commitment to maintaining the visit status and not converting it into residency.
  •  Understand that overstaying the visa period can result in legal consequences.
  • Note that medical treatment is only available at private

family visa application 

For those who want to apply for a family visa, here’s a quick roadmap to breeze through the process:

Show that you have strong family ties with a Kuwaiti resident and gather proof of your relationship.
Gather all necessary documents, including the visa application form, passport, evidence of your relationship with the sponsor, and financial records.
Submit your application at the Kuwaiti embassy or consulate and get advice on any specific requirements and how long it might take.
Keep track of your visa status as processing times can differ based on the number of applications and embassy procedures.

kuwait family visa latest news arabe times

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family visa appointment meta 

In Kuwait, securing a family visit visa appointment through the Metta platform has become the new norm. Here’s a simplified guide to booking your slot:

  • Begin by logging into the Metta portal, accessible via the provided link From Here.
  • Navigate to the “Appointments” section on your dashboard.
kuwait family visa latest news
  • Choose “Ministry of Interior Kuwait” from the available options.
kuwait family visa latest news
  • Opt for the “General Department of Residency” once inside.
kuwait family visa latest news
  • Locate the “family visit visa” category and hit “apply.”
kuwait family visa latest news
  • Select your nearest department and proceed with the application.
kuwait family visa latest news
  • Handpick a convenient date and time for your appointment.
  • Double-check all details for accuracy before confirming.
  • Wrap up the process by submitting your appointment request.

kuwait family visa latest news arabe times scene underscores significant advancements and alterations in visa regulations for individuals aiming to visit their family members in the country.

Extend your visit visa in Kuwait?

Yes, but watch for limits and fees. Schedule a family visa appointment through Metta. Requirements? Proof of relationship, visitor’s passport, sponsor’s civil ID, and sponsor’s salary certificate.

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