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family visa kuwait news today 2024

family visa kuwait news today 2024

family visa kuwait news has become a topic of heightened interest among residents, signaling a desire to reunite with loved ones or embark on explorations of the country’s offerings. In this article, we delve into the essential documentation and eligibility criteria necessary for obtaining such visas.

family visa kuwait news

family visa kuwait news focuses on facilitating visits for immediate relatives of residents or citizens. Key updates include:

  • Resumption of family visa processing by the Ministry of Interior from January 28, 2024.
  • Introduction of new eligibility criteria, including a minimum salary of KD 800, a university degree, and employment aligned with expertise, led by Sheikh Fahad Yusuf Saud Al-Sabah.
  • The opening of family visit visa applications starts on February 7th.
  • Application appointments through the Metta platform for streamlined processing.

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kuwait family visa appointment 

For those aiming to secure an appointment for a Kuwait family visit visa via the Meta platform, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1
  • Navigate to the Meta portal by clicking on the designated link From Here.
Step 2
  • Access the “Appointments” section located on the dashboard.
Step 3
  • Opt for “Ministry of Interior Kuwait” from the available options.
Step 4
  • Choose the “General Department of Residency” for your appointment.
Step 5
  • Locate the “family visit visa” option and click “apply”.
Step 6
  • Select your nearest department and proceed with the application.
Step 7
  • Pick a convenient date and time slot for your appointment.
Step 8
  • Double-check all details for accuracy.
Step 9
  • Confirm your appointment request.
family visa kuwait news today 2024

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kuwait visit visa requirement news today

To smoothly apply for a Kuwait family visa, adherence to specific requirements is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the main stipulations:

Income Thresholds
  • Article 17 Visa (Public Sector): Minimum monthly income of 450KD ($1496).
  • Article 18 Visa (Private Sector): Monthly income requirement of 650KD ($2160).
Parental Sponsorship
  • Both parents must be employed in Kuwait with combined salaries exceeding 350KD ($1163).
Entry Procedures
  • Dependents are subject to medical tests and fingerprinting upon arrival.
  • Submission of sponsor-like documents, excluding the salary certificate, is necessary.
Sponsor's Commitment
  • Sponsors must pledge to provide support to dependents in Kuwait.
Spousal Sponsorship
  • Husbands cannot be sponsored by wives.
Age Limits
  • Parents cannot sponsor sons over 21 years old.
Work Restrictions
  • Dependents are prohibited from working until obtaining a Kuwaiti work visa.
family visa kuwait news today 2024

In brief, family visa kuwait news highlights the need to meet specific conditions and furnish the required documents to support the primary provider’s intent to reunite with family in Kuwait for up to three months.

kuwait family visa open or not

Effective January 28, 2024, the government of Kuwait has resumed the issuance of family residence visas. Eligibility has also been expanded to include the dependent spouse and children of foreign national residents who have a minimum salary of KD 800 (up from KD 550 before these visas were suspended in 2022).

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