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kuwait news visa and update 2024

kuwait news visa and update 2024

kuwait news visa bursts with impactful updates and declarations, heralding substantial enhancements to the visit visa regime. This comprehensive report delves into the freshest Kuwait visit visa tidings, uncovering pivotal shifts that might shape your journey to the nation.

kuwait news visa

kuwait news visa are evolving with a focus on simplifying travel. Here’s a snapshot of the latest Kuwait visa updates:

  • The Ministry of Interior (MoI) is reviewing visa rules for expatriates.
  • Amendments to be announced by June.
  • Aim to enhance efficiency while considering social factors and economic goals.
Salary Conditions
  • Reviewing salary requirements for family visit visas, particularly for infants.
  • Potential adjustments to address concerns and accommodate lower incomes.
Prevention Measures
  • Efforts to prevent circumvention of regulations.
  • Sponsors may provide income certificates for faster visa issuance.
Exceptions for Travel
  • Considerations for citizens of countries without direct flights to Kuwait.
  • Potential provisions to facilitate travel via other airlines
  • Balancing security measures with facilitating family and tourist visitations.
  • Aim to achieve social and economic objectives through harmonized efforts.

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kuwait visit visa new rule 2024

Explore the guidelines for Kuwait’s family visit visa in 2024, designed for immediate relatives residing abroad wishing to reunite with their loved ones in Kuwait. This visa category requires no specific eligibility criteria; proof of kinship suffices for entry into the Gulf state.

Kuwait Family Visit Visa OverviewThe Kuwait family visit visa allows immediate relatives residing abroad to visit family members in Kuwait without specific eligibility criteria, requiring only proof of kinship for entry.
Required Documents– Visa application – Passport valid for at least 6 months post-application – Recent passport-sized photo with white background – Proof of relationship (excluding Embassy Department certificates) – Recent salary certificate – Original and copy of sponsor’s civil ID – Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
Minimum Salary RequirementPreviously KWD 450 per month; proposed increase to KWD 500 per month.
Exemptions from Degree RequirementCertain professions exempt from university degree requirement, as per Article 30 of Ministerial Resolution No. 957/2019.
Visa ValidityTypically valid for 90 days (3 months) with a permissible stay of up to 30 days post-entry.
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kuwait visit visa application new rule 2024

Below are the primary instructions for applying for a visit visa, categorized for Kuwaiti citizens and non-Kuwaiti residents:

Visa Application for Kuwaiti Citizens

Kuwaiti citizens should visit any General Department of Immigration in their country and submit the necessary documents.

Visa Application for Non-Kuwaiti Residents

Non-Kuwaiti residents should visit the relevant General Department of Immigration in their respective governorates to submit the required documents.

kuwait news visa and update 2024

In summary, staying informed about Kuwait’s visa updates is essential for individuals preparing to visit the country for tourism, business endeavors, or familial visits.

How to Apply for Kuwait Family Visit Visa?

Visit your local Kuwait Embassy.
– Submit required documents and fill out the form.
– Pay the 3KD ($9.70) visa fee.

Cost of Kuwait Family Visit Visa?

The Kuwait family visit visa costs 3KD ($9.70).

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