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kuwait passport visa free countries

kuwait passport visa free countries

kuwait passport visa free countries as become a crucial aspect of international relations, promoting seamless mobility and fostering cultural exchange. For holders of Kuwaiti passports, the opportunity to explore different corners of the globe without the hassle of obtaining a visa is a significant privilege.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the countries worldwide where Kuwaiti passport holders can travel freely, explore the Kuwait e-visa process, and uncover essential insights into eligibility criteria and required documentation.

kuwait passport visa free countries

kuwait passport visa free countries include more than 59 countries without the need for a visa. However, for destinations beyond this list, travelers may need to apply for an electronic travel authorization or visa in advance. 

kuwait passport visa free countries

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kuwait e-visa

The Kuwait e-visa application process varies depending on the traveler’s citizenship status. While GCC citizens can enjoy visa-free travel to Kuwait by presenting a valid GCC ID card, non-GCC citizens residing in GCC countries or from eligible nationalities must apply for a Kuwait e-visa.

kuwait e visa eligibility criteria

To qualify for a Kuwait e-visa, travelers must adhere to specific eligibility criteria:

Maximum Stay Duration
 Stay in Kuwait should not exceed 90 days.
Visit Purpose
 The visit must be solely for tourism purposes.
Clean Background
Applicants must possess a clean record without involvement in serious criminal activities or terrorism.
Passport Validity
A passport with a validity of at least 6 months is mandatory.

kuwait e visa required documents

For the Kuwait e-visa application process, travelers need to provide essential documents, including:

GCC Residency Card
Valid for at least six months.
Valid for at least six months.
Scanned Copy of Passport
Required for the application.
Payment Method
Credit or debit card for visa fee payment.

visa-free countries

Residents of the subsequent nations can utilize the online platform for applying to enter Kuwait:

  • visa-free countries in europe
europe Country Europe Country Europe CountryEurope Country
ItalyUnited KingdomSloveniaSan Marino
CyprusCzech RepublicDenmarkEstonia
  • visa-free countries in Asia 
South KoreaChina – Hong KongTurkeyUkraine
  • visa-free countries in North America
United StatesCanada
  • visa-free countries in Oceania
New ZealandAustralia

countries banned in kuwait

Kuwait has implemented stringent security measures, mandating rigorous approvals for citizens hailing from eight specific nations. These countries include: 

CountrySecurity Approval is required.

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kuwait free visa price

For those seeking a visa-free entry into Kuwait, there’s typically no associated cost, as it doesn’t involve obtaining a visa beforehand. However, some countries need to get a visa before traveling to Kuwait. Here is a full list of Kuwait visa prices, depending on category: 

  • Kuwait e-visa:
    • Cost: KWD 3 per applicant
    • Service fee: Additional KWD 1
  • Tourist visa:
    • Cost: KWD 3
  • Business visa:
    • Cost: Typically ranges from KWD 3 to KWD 104, depending on nationality and country of citizenship.
  • Family visit visa:
    • Cost: KWD 3
  • Family residence visa:
    • Cost: Ranges from KWD 100 to KWD 200.
      • The initial fee for public sector employees’ wife and two children: KWD 10 per person.
      • Subsequent fee for additional children: KWD 100 per person.
  • Domestic worker visa:
    • Cost: KWD 200

kuwait e visa online portal 

The Kuwait e-visa portal provides a seamless and user-friendly platform. This allows individuals to conveniently apply for visas online, simplifying the entire process for travelers intending to visit Kuwait.


kuwait passport visa free countries

To sum up, Kuwaiti passport holders open doors to numerous countries worldwide, facilitating seamless travel experiences and fostering international connections. With the convenience of the Kuwait e-visa system, travelers can explore the rich cultural diversity and natural wonders across the globe.

Do Kuwaiti passport holders need a visa to visit GCC countries?

No, GCC citizens can enter Kuwait without a visa by presenting a valid GCC ID card.

What is the maximum duration of stay with a Kuwait e-visa?

The maximum duration of stay with a Kuwait e-visa is 90 days.

Are there any additional requirements for biometric data collection?

Applicants should ensure their face is fully visible in the photo and that temporary finger injuries are healed before providing biometric data.

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