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saudi visa for gcc residents: a full quide

saudi visa for gcc residents: a full quide

saudi visa for gcc residents streamlines travel for people hailing from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, enabling them to easily journey to Saudi Arabia. This article endeavors to furnish a thorough examination of the procedure for GCC residents seeking to apply for a Saudi visa.

saudi visa for gcc residents

saudi visa for gcc residents serves as a gateway for individuals originating from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, granting them access to Saudi Arabia for a multitude of reasons, like tourism, business ventures, and familial visits. Dive into the intricacies to unveil further insights, encompassing procedural guidelines, prerequisites, and essential details pertinent to obtaining a Saudi visa for GCC country residents.

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saudi visit visa for gcc residents types

Saudi Arabia offers an array of visa options curated specifically to accommodate the unique requirements and objectives of GCC residents. Below, you’ll find an overview of the different types of visas available:

Tourist Visa
Tailored for those eager to immerse themselves in the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Saudi Arabia, it is perfect for exploration and discovery.
Business Visa
Geared towards entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to engage in commercial endeavors within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, facilitating business activities.
Family Visit Visa
Designed for GCC residents desiring to visit and reconnect with their family members in Saudi Arabia, fostering meaningful reunions and familial bonds.

saudi evisa for gcc residents requirement 

the Saudi visa prerequisites designed for GCC residents unveil crucial criteria to consider, such as:

  • First, individuals must attain a minimum age of 18 years; for minors below 18, parental application is mandatory.
  • Second, passports need to maintain a validity of at least six months.
  • Third, religious visitors can embark on Umrah journeys at any time except during the Hajj season.
  • Fourth, each family member necessitates a separate visa application, with accompanying entry.
  • Fifth, applicants must hold citizenship of a GCC nation.
  • Sixth, eligibility extends to holders of valid GCC residency permits.
  • Seventh, specific visa types demand adherence to distinct requirements outlined by the authorities.

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saudi visa online Required Documents for GCC Residents

Before embarking on the Saudi visa application journey tailored for GCC residents, it’s essential to gather the necessary documents to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. These documents serve as vital prerequisites, validating your eligibility and facilitating your entry into Saudi Arabia. Below is a comprehensive list of the documents required for GCC residents applying for a Saudi visa.

Valid GCC Residency PermitProof of legal residency in a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country.
PassportMust have a minimum validity of six months.
Recent Passport-sized PhotographsTypically, two photographs comply with visa photo requirements.
Accommodation ConfirmationDocumentation verifying arrangements for accommodation during the stay in Saudi Arabia.
Visa Application FormComplete and submit the official visa application form provided by the Saudi authorities.

saudi visit visa fees

for Kuwaiti residents, specific details regarding visa fees are outlined to provide clarity on the financial aspects associated with the application process.

Fee ComponentCost (USD)
Application Fees$10.50
Visa Fees$81.00
Medical Insurance Service Fees$10.50
Medical Insurance Service Fees (variable)Range from $8 to $70, depending on the selected coverage.
TotalApproximately $110 to $180, equivalent to SAR 300 to SAR 650.

how to apply for saudi visa for gcc residents

To kickstart the Saudi visa application process for GCC residents, a methodical approach is typically followed, encompassing the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the designated Saudi eVisa MOFA website.
Step 2: Access your account or create one if you’re a first-time applicant.
Step 3: Input the necessary details, spanning visa particulars and personal information.
Step 4: Furnish specifics regarding your GCC residency.
Step 5: Select and furnish details concerning your travel insurance.
Step 6: Fulfill the required application fee.
Step 7: Upon approval, expect your Saudi eVisa to be dispatched to your email inbox.

online ksavisa website 

The KSA Visa platform, accessible at, serves as an experimental rendition of the Saudi Visa website. It serves as an extensive resource, offering detailed insights into the application procedure, prerequisites, and charges associated with obtaining a visa for Saudi Arabia. Utilize this platform to navigate your journey to Saudi Arabia seamlessly and with assurance.

saudi visa for gcc residents: a full quide

In short, the saudi visa for gcc residents is simple and purpose-driven, managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With clear requirements and a streamlined application system, residents can easily travel to Saudi Arabia for various purposes, ensuring a smooth experience.

How long does it take to process a Saudi visa for GCC residents?

The processing time varies, usually from a few days to several weeks.

Can I perform Umrah during my visa stay?

Yes, Umrah is permitted during your stay

Is the online Saudi visa application open to GCC residents?

Yes, Saudi Arabia offers an online application system for GCC residents, simplifying the process.

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