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renew driving license kuwait

renew driving license kuwait is crucial for road legality and safety. In Kuwait, renewing your driving license is a straightforward process, but it requires adherence to specific steps and regulations. This guide aims to walk you through the renewal process, whether you choose the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website or the Sahel app, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

renew driving license kuwait

renew driving license kuwait is not just a legal obligation but also a means to ensure continuous authorization to drive within the country. By adhering to the renewal process, you avoid potential legal issues and maintain your ability to enjoy the privileges of holding a valid license.

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moi driving license renewal

The Sahel app provides an alternative method for renewing your Kuwaiti driving license. Here’s how to proceed:

moi renew driving license kuwait portal & sahel app
Obtain Insurance Documentation
  • Ensure you have the necessary insurance documentation.
Vehicle Inspection
  • Arrange for a regular technical inspection for your vehicle.
Download Sahel App
  • Get the Sahel app from the Play Store or App Store.
Access MOI Section
  • Open the app and navigate to the Ministry of Interior section.
Select Traffic Services
  • Choose traffic services from the options provided.
Renew Driving License
  • Opt for driving license renewal among the available services.
Vehicle Selection
  • Choose your vehicle and proceed by clicking “Continue.”
Payment Process
  • Input your bank information to complete the payment process.
  • Your renewal is confirmed once the payment is processed.
  • Ensure to retrieve and save the receipts for your records.
moi renew driving license kuwait portal & sahel app

driving license kuwait requirements

This facility enables both Kuwaiti citizens and non-Kuwaiti residents to obtain official driving permits by the regulations outlined in the Traffic Law, Executive Regulation No. (67/76), and subsequent amendments.

  • Kuwaiti private driving permit –
  • Official driving license issued by the applicant’s native country.
  • Vehicle registration under the sponsor’s name.
  • Blood type documentation.

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kuwait driving license renewal fees

The cost of renewing your Kuwaiti driving license varies based on the vehicle category. Here’s an overview of the current renewal fees:

Heavy Vehicle:

  • One year: 20 KWD
  • Two years: 60 KWD
  • Three years: 60 KWD


  • One year: 5 KWD
  • Two years: 15 KWD
  • Three years: 15 KWD

Light Vehicle:

  • One year: 10 KWD
  • Two years: 30 KWD
  • Three years: 30 KWD

driving license renewal machines in kuwait

In addition to online renewal methods, driving license printing machines are strategically located across various malls in Kuwait. Here are some locations:

  Al Kout Mall

  • Address  : Al Daboos St, Block 12, Fahaheel Al Ahmadi, Dabous St, 63000
  Avenues Mall

  • Address  : Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Rd
  Marina Mall

  • Address  : Salem Al Mubarak St, Salmiya
Souq Sharq

  • Address : Persian, Arabian Gulf St, Kuwait City

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kuwait driving licence check 

You can verify the status of your Kuwaiti driving license through multiple channels:

Via MOI Website: Log in to the MOI website and check your renewal status under “License Renewal.”
In Person: Visit any Kuwait Ministry of Interior traffic department with your civil ID and license for verification.
Via Phone: Call the Kuwait Ministry of Interior’s customer service line at 22430500 and provide the necessary details for license status confirmation.

renew driving license kuwait is a vital aspect of maintaining legal driving authorization. Whether you choose the MOI website or the Sahel app, following the outlined steps ensures a smooth renewal process.

How can I renew my Kuwaiti driving license online?

Renewing your Kuwaiti driving license can be done through the MOI website or Sahel app. Simply follow the main steps outlined in this article for a seamless renewal process.

Can non-Kuwaiti residents renew their driving licenses in Kuwait?

Yes, non-Kuwaiti residents holding valid residence permits can renew their driving licenses in Kuwait by adhering to the prescribed renewal process.

How long does it take to receive a renewed driving license?

The duration to receive the renewed driving license may vary. It’s advisable to check with the General Traffic Department for an estimate of the processing time.

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