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driving license renewal kuwait online check 2024 steps

driving license renewal kuwait online check

driving license renewal kuwait online, you can use the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Kuwait’s official website or mobile app. You can also find information about renewal fees and the locations of renewal machines through these channels. Additionally, you can visit the MOI office in person for assistance with your driving license matters. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on the main steps you can take to check and renew your driving license in Kuwait through various platforms.

kuwait driving license renewal fees

Below are the charges for renewing a Kuwaiti driving license, differentiated by vehicle type:

Vehicle TypeDurationFee (KWD)
Light VehicleOne year10
 Two years30
 Three years30
MotorcycleOne year5
 Two years15
 Three years15
Heavy VehicleOne year20
 Two years60
 Three years60
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driving license renewal kuwait online

driving license renewal kuwait online is a crucial step to uphold your lawful permission to operate a vehicle within the nation. Following the prescribed renewal process safeguards against any possible legal entanglements and ensures ongoing access to the advantages conferred by holding a valid driving license.

sahel driving license renewal kuwait online

Kuwait’s driving license renewal and vehicle transfer services via the Sahel application can be done through the following steps: 

sahel driving license renewal
Step 1: Secure insurance from “” and arrange for vehicle inspection.
Step 2: Download “The Sahel App” from either the “Play Store” or “App Store”.
Step 3: Launch the app, locate the Ministry of Interior, access “Traffic Services,” opt for “Driving License Renewal,” and then select your vehicle to proceed.
Step 4: Provide bank details and finalize the payment.
Step 5: Once payment processing is complete, your renewal is confirmed. It’s recommended to retain receipts for documentation purposes.

moi kuwait driving licence check online

renewal of  Kuwait driving license using the Ministry of Interior’s (MOI) online platform can be done easily using the simple guide steps:

moi kuwait driving licence
Step 1: Initiate your Kuwait driving license renewal process online by accessing the MOI website “From Here”.
Step 2: Log in to the General Department of Traffic using your civil ID and password, then navigate to “License Renewal”.
Step 3: Submit your renewal request, ensuring all details are accurate.
Step 4: Review your renewal information and securely process the payment online.
Step 5: Enter your bank details and agree to the terms to finalize the payment.
Step 6: Upon successful payment, receive a confirmation receipt for your renewed driving license.

driving license renewal machines in kuwait

In Kuwait, driving license renewal machines are conveniently stationed within various malls across the nation. These automated kiosks efficiently dispense new licenses and provide additional services. Here are the locations:

Al Kout Mall

Avenues Mall

Marina Mall

Souq Sharq

driving license renewal online kuwait check 

To verify the status of your Kuwaiti driving license, you can utilize the official Ministry of Interior website. Follow these instructions:

  • Visit the official website of the General Traffic Department “From Here“.
  • Navigate to “Driving License E-Services”.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Choose “License Renewal”.
  • check the status of your renewal.

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kuwait driving license renewal online link

Renewing your Kuwaiti driving license is made easy through three convenient methods.

Firstly, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) portal offers an online platform accessible from anywhere, allowing you to initiate the renewal process with ease.

  Secondly, the Sahel mobile application, provided by the MOI, provides a seamless way to renew your license on the go, offering a range of traffic services at your fingertips.

Lastly, driving license renewal machines placed strategically across Kuwait, particularly in malls, provide a quick and self-service option for those preferring a hands-on approach.

  These three methods cater to different preferences, ensuring accessibility for all individuals seeking to renew their driving licenses.

In essence, driving license renewal kuwait online  is indispensable for maintaining legal driving privileges within the nation

how to renew kuwait driving license online?

To renew your driving license online in Kuwait, visit the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website, log in or create an account, navigate to the driving license renewal section, fill out the required information, make the payment, and receive your renewed license confirmation.

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