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apply for new license online in kuwait

apply for new license online

apply for new license online has been significantly simplified, thanks to the efforts of the government. Both Kuwaiti citizens and non-Kuwaiti residents can now easily navigate through the online application system. Here’s a detailed guide on how to apply for a new driving license in Kuwait.

apply for new license online

apply for new license online is the most convenient way to initiate the process of obtaining your license. With just a few clicks, you can kickstart your application from the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days of waiting in long queues or dealing with cumbersome paperwork. By utilizing the online platform, you can efficiently fill out the necessary forms, upload required documents, and even track the status of your application in real time. 

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apply for a new license online steps

apply for new license online in Kuwait can be accomplished through simple procedures. Below is a detailed guide on how to apply for a new driving license in Kuwait:

First, Print a driving license request form.

driving license request form

Second, sign a medical fitness certificate after your request is approved.

Third, after completing the medical examination and specifying your blood type, you can obtain a driving learning permit from the License Department.

Fourth, schedule a driving test appointment via the Ministry of Interior website.

Fifth, Once you’ve aced both practical and theoretical exams, proceed with license issuance procedures at the License Department.

Sexth, Head to your local General Traffic Department, armed with the requisite documents.

Seventh, Complete the service application form as part of the submission process.

Eighth, Undergo a mandatory medical check-up to ensure road readiness.

Nineth, Seal the deal by paying the applicable fees, a nominal KD 10.

With these steps navigated you’re on track for your Kuwaiti driving adventures.

kuwait driving licence check online

To conduct an online license check, you can visit the official website of the Ministry of Interior. Follow these steps on the MOI Kuwait website:

First, navigate to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior’s official website.
Second, locate and click on the e-services icon.
Third, find the section for the General Traffic Department.
Fourth, click on “E-Services for Driving Licenses.”

Fifth, Log in to your account securely.
Sexth, Select “License Renewal” to access and verify your current status.

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driving license kuwait requirements

Requirements for obtaining a driving license in Kuwait differ based on whether you’re a Kuwaiti citizen or a non-Kuwaiti resident. Here’s what you need:

Documents RequiredFor Kuwaiti CitizensFor Non-Kuwaitis
Civil ID copyRequiredRequired
Passport copyNot applicableRequired
Photos (size 4×6 cm) with blue background2 passport-sized photos2 photos
Learning form and feeRequired, fee varies according to license type and expiration dateRequired, fee varies according to license type and expiration date
Blood type certificateRequiredRequired
Medical fitness certificateRequiredRequired
Original work permit and a copyNot applicableRequired
Signature authorization for company employeesNot applicableRequired
Security ID and criminal records requestNot applicableRequired for individuals without specific nationality
Original employer’s Civil ID for maids under 20Not applicableRequired, along with embassy ratification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Legal residency for 2 years or as per Ministerial resolution No.1729/2005Not applicableRequired

driving test appointment

driving test appointment online is a pivotal task for Kuwaiti citizens aspiring to acquire a driving license. This convenient service can be effortlessly accessed through the following steps:

First, Navigate to the Driving Test Appointments System website.
Second, Accept the Terms and Conditions, provide your civil ID, specify the license type, and proceed by clicking “Enquiry”.
Third, Confirm your details.
Fourth, Select your preferred test date and time, and finalize your selection by clicking “Book Now”.
Fifth, Upon completion, ensure to obtain your receipt for reference.

kuwait driving license app

Accessing driving license services through the Sahel app in Kuwait:

Firdth,  Download the Sahel app from either the “Play Store” or “App Store” on your smartphone.
Second, Launch the app and navigate to the driving license services section.
Third, Utilize the user-friendly interface to perform various tasks, such as:

  • Issuing driving licenses
  • Obtaining vehicle licenses
  • Managing traffic violations
  • Checking the status of driving licenses in Kuwait.

kuwait driving license renewal fees

The cost of renewing your Kuwaiti driving license varies based on the type of vehicle you intend to operate. Here are the current renewal fees:

  • Driving License Renewal Fees: 5 KD or as per license expiration duration
  • Light Vehicle (Private Car):
    • One year: 10 KD
    • Two years: 20 KD
    • Three years: 30 KD
  • Heavy Vehicle (Truck, Bus, etc.):
    • One year: 20 KD
    • Two years: 40 KD
    • Three years: 60 KD
  • Motorcycles:
    • One year: 5 KD
    • Two years: 10 KD
    • Three years: 15 KD

minimum salary for driving licence in kuwait

For expatriates seeking a driving license in Kuwait, meeting certain eligibility standards is imperative. These include:

  • having attained a university degree.
  • earning a monthly salary exceeding KD 600.
  • maintaining residency in Kuwait for at least two years.

new driving license rules in kuwait

Here’s a new rule regarding driving licenses:

  • Effective immediately, all new driving license applicants in Kuwait must undergo mandatory training on defensive driving techniques.
  • This training is now a compulsory part of the licensing process.
  • The initiative aims to enhance road safety by equipping drivers with the skills to handle various traffic scenarios responsibly.
apply for new license online in kuwait

apply for new license online in Kuwait has never been easier, thanks to the convenience of online services, dedicated mobile applications, and transparent regulations. Whether you’re applying for a new license, renewing an existing one, or simply checking your license status, the Ministry of Interior’s digital platforms offer user-friendly solutions to meet your needs.

What documents are required for obtaining a driving license in Kuwait?

The required documents vary for Kuwaiti citizens and non-Kuwaiti residents but generally include a copy of the Civil ID, passport-sized photos, a learning form, blood type certificate, and a medical fitness certificate.

Is there a fee for obtaining a driving license in Kuwait?

Yes, the fee for a new driving license is KD 10 for both Kuwaiti citizens and non-Kuwaiti residents.

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