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kuwait postal code salmiya blocks & map

kuwait postal code salmiya blocks & map

kuwait postal code salmiya brings several benefits to residents and businesses. Firstly, it enables efficient mail sorting and distribution, reducing the likelihood of errors during the delivery process. Additionally, postal codes facilitate the accurate identification of recipient addresses, enhancing the overall reliability of mail services.

kuwait postal code salmiya

kuwait postal code salmiya offers several advantages. It simplifies the addressing process for residents and businesses, enabling them to provide precise location details for mail delivery. Moreover, it optimizes the efficiency of postal services by directing parcels to the nearest post office, reducing transit times, and enhancing overall service quality.

  • kuwait zip code salmiya Block 1: Postal Code 20001
  • kuwait zip code salmiya Block 2: Postal Code 20002
  • kuwait zip code salmiya Block 3: Postal Code 20003
  • kuwait zip code salmiya block 4: Postal Code 20004
  • kuwait zip code salmiya Block 5: Postal Code 20005
  • kuwait zip code salmiya Block 6: Postal Code 20006
  • kuwait zip code salmiya Block 7: Postal Code 20007
  • kuwait zip code salmiya Block 8: Postal Code 20008
  • kuwait zip code salmiya block 9: Postal Code 20009
  • kuwait zip code salmiya block 10: Postal Code 20010
  • kuwait zip code salmiya block 11: Postal Code 20011
  • kuwait zip code salmiya block 12: Postal Code 20012

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Kuwait postal code salmiya map

Salmiya, located in the Hawalli Governorate of Kuwait, comprises twelve distinct blocks, each assigned its own unique postal code. 

  • Address: 83QM+84P, Hamad Al-Mubarak St, Salmiya

Salmiya post office Kuwait Finder

To find Salmiya post office via Kuwait Finder app follow the main steps: 

kuwait postal code salmiya blocks & map
  • Open the app and ensure that location services are enabled on your device.
  • The app will determine your current location accurately.
  • Select the option to locate Kuwait governorates within the app.
  • Choose your desired governorate from the list provided.
  • Explore the available areas within the selected governorate to find Salmiya and other regions of interest.

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Salmiya post office contact number

For residents requiring postal services or assistance, the Salmiya post office provides essential contact information:

  • Phone Number: +96525745132
  • Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 08:00–13:00

In conclusion, the kuwait postal code salmiya enhances the efficiency and reliability of mail delivery services within the region. By assigning unique postal codes to each block, residents and businesses can enjoy seamless mail delivery experiences, contributing to the overall convenience and functionality of the community’s postal infrastructure.

What is the postal code of Salmiya Block 12?

The postal code for Salmiya Block 12 is “20012”.

Which governorate does Salmiya belong to?

Salmiya belongs to the Hawalli Governorate in Kuwait.

How do postal codes benefit online shopping in Salmiya?

Postal codes streamline the delivery process, ensuring prompt and accurate shipment of online purchases to residents’ doorsteps.

Can the Kuwait Finder app be used for locating businesses?

Yes, the Kuwait Finder app allows users to search for both addresses and businesses within Kuwait.

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