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kuwait postal code ahmadi: blocks and map

kuwait postal code ahmadi: blocks and map

kuwait postal code ahmadi, Kuwait, is essential for ensuring efficient mail and package delivery throughout the region. This article offers a detailed guide to the postal codes designated for different blocks in Ahmadi. 

kuwait postal code ahmadi

kuwait postal code ahmadi play a vital role in the seamless functioning of essential services such as emergency response, medical aid, and government operations. The table below lists the specific postal codes for various areas within Ahmadi:

kuwait postal code ahmadi: blocks and map

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Kuwait postal code ahmadi

understanding the postal codes in Al Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait, is crucial. Below is a comprehensive list of postal codes and their corresponding areas within the Al Ahmadi Governorate:

north ahmadi postal code

here are the north Ahmadi postal codes:

  • Ali Sabah Al-Salem Office: 65000
  • Dhahar Office: 51250
  • Fahaheel Industrial Office: 63050
  • Fahaheel Office: 63000
  • Hadiyah Office: 52700
  • Mangaf Office: 53700
  • Riqqa Office: 53300
  • Sabahiyah Office: 54400
  • South Sabahiyah Office: 55000
  • Ahmadi Office: 60000
  • Ahmadi 2 Office: 51850
  • Abu Halifa Office: 54600
  • Jaber Al-Ali Office: 51600

east ahmadi postal code

here are the east ahmadi postal codes:

  • Fahad Al-Ahmaed Office: 53800
  • Fintas Office: 50000
  • Khairan Office: 65500
  • Mahboula Office: 54000
  • Maqwaa Office: 60200
  • Oqailah Office: 60200
  • Sabah Al-Ahmed Sea Office: 65300
  • Sabah Al-Ahmed Office: 66380
  • Wafra Office: 65700
  • Wara Office: 65700
  • Zoar Office: 65900

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Kuwait postal code ahmadi map

Finding the correct postal codes within Ahmadi, Kuwait, is essential for efficient mail and package delivery. Below is a guide to the postal codes, along with a general map reference to help locate various areas within the Al Ahmadi Governorate.

ahmadi post office contact information 

The Ahmadi Postal Services Office is essential for ensuring the secure and efficient delivery of packages to residents relying on the Ahmadi postal code. If you need assistance, here are the contact details for the Ahmadi post office in Kuwait:

  • Phone Number: +965 2398 1369
  • Working Hours: Open from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM, Sunday through Thursday. Closed on Friday and Saturday.

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Kuwait postal code ahmadi app

Kuwait postal code Ahmadi can be easily navigated using the Kuwait Finder app developed by PACI. This app simplifies location searches using PACI electronic numbers or specific area details, enhancing navigation through the Ahmadi district in the Al Ahmadi Governorate. Here’s how to use it:

  • Step 1: Download the Kuwait Finder app from the Play Store or the App Store and open it.
  • Step 2: Activate your device’s location services.
  • Step 3: Select “Al Ahmadi Governorate” and explore areas including Ahmadi.
kuwait postal code ahmadi: blocks and map

kuwait postal code ahmadi is essential for efficient mail and package delivery. These codes facilitate logistics, emergency response, and government functions. Utilizing the Kuwait Finder app and local post offices can streamline the process, ensuring a seamless experience for residents and businesses.

What is the postal code for Ahmadi Block 8?

The postal code for Ahmadi Block 8 is 60008.

How can one obtain Ahmadi’s postal code?

To find the postal code for your specific block in Ahmadi, visit the official website of the Kuwait Ministry of Communication and search for the corresponding code.

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