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hala february 2024 holiday calendar

hala february 2024 holiday calendar

hala february 2024 extends throughout February and coincides with Kuwait’s National Day on the 25th and Liberation Day on the 26th. This piece will delve into the diverse activities and offerings during the festival, offering insights into ways individuals can fully engage and enjoy the celebration.

hala february 2024

hala february 2024 festival fills the nation with vibrant celebrations, engaging events, and a contagious sense of happiness. In the following sections, you’ll explore numerous events, deals, and offers that await, ensuring a delightful and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Hala february 2024 dates calendar

Explore Hala February 2024 with daily exciting events and activities. From cultural displays to entertaining spectacles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy all month long. Join the festivities and make the most of this vibrant celebration!

hala february 2024 holidays calendar

Hala february 2024 events

Here are some events happening during Hala February 2024 in Kuwait:

NCCAL ActivitiesThroughout FebruaryIncludes art exhibitions, Al-Qurain Cultural Festival, Theater Festival, Music Festival, Cultural Summer, Children and Youth Festival, and Book Fair.
The Arena Hala February ConcertsVarious dates throughout FebruaryFeatures performances by Mohammed Abdu, Nawal and Matar Al Matar, Angham and Fouad Abdulwahad, Majid Al Mohandis, Assala and Ahmed Saad, Nabil Shuail and the Miami Band, and Abdullah Al Ruwaishid.
Murouj Hala February ExpoFebruary 22nd – March 2nd, 2024A vibrant lifestyle hub showcasing local and international businesses.
Exclusive OffersThroughout FebruaryDiscounts and promotions from businesses such as Chevrolet Alghanim, IKEA, stc Kuwait, Best Al-Yousifi Electronics, Lulu Hypermarket, Carrefour Kuwait, Sultan Center, and City Center Kuwait.
This table provides a clear overview of the events happening during Hala February 2024 in Kuwait.

Kif hala february 2024 dates

Leading the way in organizing exhibitions across the Gulf, Kuwait International Fair hosted the Hala February Expo from January 8th to February 8th, showcasing a variety of consumer goods, fashion clothing, and accessories.

Hala February 2024 holidays

Hala February 2024 holidays

Here is a tabla showing the Hala February 2024 holidays:

February 7, 2024The Prophet’s Ascension1 day
February 25, 2024Kuwait National Day1 day
February 26, 2024Kuwait Liberation Day1 day
This table now includes the duration of each holiday, with each lasting for one day.

2024 kuwait holidays calendar

The 2024 Kuwait holidays calendar showcases all the significant dates for the year in one convenient format.

hala february 2024 holidays calendar

In summary,hala february 2024 holiday calendar represents a lively amalgamation of cultural festivities, lively events, and irresistible deals.

What is the Hala February Festival?

the Hala February Festival Organized annually by Kuwait City, the Hala February Festival turns the entire month into a canvas of celebrations, coinciding with Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days.

What activities can people enjoy during Hala February?

Hala February offers a diverse range of annual events, including musical evenings, food festivals, concert parades, cultural tours, local community festivals, desert camps, and various other engaging activities.

What happens on February 25th and 26th, 2023 in Kuwait?

Kuwait celebrates its National Day on February 25th, followed by Liberation Day on February 26th.

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