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hala feb 2024 kuwait: events & holidays

hala feb 2024 kuwait: events & holidays

hala feb 2024 ushers in the month-long Hala celebration in Kuwait, coinciding with National Day on the 25th and Liberation Day on the 26th. This piece explores the wide range of activities and opportunities available during this festive season, providing insight into how people can engage and immerse themselves in the festivities.

hala feb 2024 kuwait

hala feb 2024 promises vibrant celebrations, engaging events, and an atmosphere filled with contagious joy. Throughout this article, we’ll explore various upcoming events, activities, and offers, ensuring a delightful and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Hala feb 2024 events

The most anticipated events during Hala February 2024 in Kuwait include:

  • Council Activities and Events

The National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters (NCCAL) hosts various cultural events, including art exhibitions, the Al-Qurain Cultural Festival, the Theater Festival, the Music Festival, the Cultural Summer, the Children and Youth Festival, and the Book Fair.

  • The Arena Hala February Concerts

The Arena Kuwait hosts a series of concerts featuring renowned artists throughout the month. Highlights include performances by Mohammed Abdu, Nawal and Matar Al Matar, Angham and Fouad Abdulwahad, Majid Al Mohandis, Assala, and Ahmed Saad, Nabil Shuail and the Miami Band, and Abdullah Al Ruwaishid.

  • Murouj Hala February Expo

The Murouj Hala February Expo is a vibrant lifestyle hub in Kuwait, showcasing local and international businesses. The event registration form is open from February 22nd to March 2nd, 2024, with a deadline for application submission on February 10th, 2024.

  • Hala February 2024 Offers

Various businesses offer exclusive discounts and promotions during Hala February. Highlights include discounts on Chevrolet Tahoe at Chevrolet Alghanim, up to 70% off at IKEA, exclusive deals on mobile plans and electronics at STC Kuwait and Best Al-Yousifi Electronics, and promotions at Lulu Hypermarket, Carrefour Kuwait, Sultan Center, and City Center Kuwait.

  • Long celebration traditions

Throughout Hala February, Kuwaitis proudly display their national pride by wearing flag-inspired attire and decorating the streets with flag decorations. Attendees can enjoy leisurely strolls, take advantage of discounts for unique gifts, and explore the diverse culinary delights offered during the festival.

These events promise to offer a vibrant and engaging experience for all participants during Hala feb 2024 in Kuwait.

Hala feb 2024 holiday

Prepare for a month filled with extraordinary experiences, as Hala February brings forth an exciting array of events and activities. Dive into a vibrant mix of cultural showcases and captivating performances. Keep track of the thrilling holidays taking place throughout February in Kuwait by referring to the calendar below:

  • The Prophet’s Ascension (1 day)
  • Kuwait National Day (1 day)
  • Kuwait Liberation Day (1 day)

Hala feb 2024 dates

These Hala feb 2024 dates, each lasting one day, promise to add extra excitement to the Hala February celebrations in Kuwait.

  • February 7th, 2024: The Prophet’s Ascension
  • February 25th, 2024: Kuwait National Day
  • February 26th, 2024: Kuwait Liberation Day

kuwait calendar 2024 hala feb

This calendar displays the Prophet’s Ascension on February 7th, Kuwait National Day on February 25th, and Kuwait Liberation Day on February 26th, each lasting for one day.

hala feb 2024 kuwait: events & holidays

kuwait calendar 2024 with holidays pdf

The Kuwait calendar for 2024, including holidays, will be provided in PDF format for easy viewing and printing.

hala feb 2024 kuwait: events & holidays

To sum up, hala feb 2024 kuwait embodies a lively mosaic of cultural festivities, energetic happenings, and irresistible deals.

How does Kuwait celebrate Hala February?

Kuwait celebrates Hala February with a wide range of activities, including cultural performances, fireworks displays, shopping festivals, and outdoor events. The entire month is filled with festivities that cater to both residents and tourists.

What can visitors expect during Hala February in Kuwait?

Visitors can expect a lively atmosphere, with streets adorned with decorations, special discounts offered by retailers, and a variety of entertainment options such as concerts, theatrical performances, and traditional cultural displays.

Are there any specific traditions or customs associated with Hala February in Kuwait?

Hala February is a time for Kuwaitis to come together and celebrate their national pride. It is common for families and friends to gather for meals, exchange gifts, and participate in traditional activities that showcase Kuwaiti culture and heritage.

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