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Nazaha (Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority)

Nazaha (Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority)

Nazaha (Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority) is a pivotal institution dedicated to combating corruption within Kuwait. Established under Law No. 2 of 2016, Nazaha operates independently with a steadfast commitment to impartiality.

Nazaha (Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority) 

Nazaha (Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority) was established as the central hub for receiving reports of corruption and financial disclosures from government officials. Its inception aligns with Kuwait’s commitment to implementing the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), showcasing the nation’s dedication to combating corruption at all levels.

services offered by nazaha

Nazaha serves multiple purposes, including managing complaints regarding corrupt behavior, facilitating financial disclosure processes for officials, preventing corruption through proactive measures, and educating the public about its detrimental effects on society.

Corruption Reporting

Nazaha provides a user-friendly platform on its website for individuals to report instances of corruption. Through a straightforward process, users can submit their complaints securely, contributing to the fight against corrupt practices.

Financial Disclosure

Government officials are required to declare their finances to promote transparency and accountability in public service. Nazaha simplifies this process through its website, enabling officials to submit their financial disclosures efficiently.

Utilizing Sahel App

Accessing Nazaha’s services through the Sahel app offers convenience and ease of use. Users can download the app from major app stores, sign in or register, and access various services provided by Nazaha, ensuring efficient handling of corruption-related concerns.

Job Opportunities

Nazaha also offers job opportunities for individuals interested in combating corruption and upholding integrity in Kuwait. Through its website, users can explore available job vacancies and contribute to the nation’s anti-corruption efforts.

Contact Information

Individuals can reach out to Nazaha through multiple channels, including phone, email, and physical address, for inquiries or to report corruption-related matters.

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How to Report Corruption to Nazaha

Reporting corruption to Nazaha is simple and accessible through its website or by using the sahel app. 

nazaha complaint

Ever stumbled upon some fishy business and want to blow the whistle? Nazaha’s got your back. Check out their website and get in on the action:

  • Swing by the Nazaha website From Here.
  • Punch in your credentials to log into your Nazaha account.
  • Seek out the “corruption report” corner on the site.
  • Hit up the “Submit Corruption Complaint” option.
  • Simply follow the breadcrumbs and breeze through the process to drop your report. Easy-peasy!

Nazaha (Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority)

financial disclosure nazaha kuwait

Ready to open up those financial floodgates to Nazaha? Let’s get you started:

  • Cruise on over to the Nazaha website From Here.
  • Pop in those login deets to access your Nazaha account.
  • Hunt down the “financial disclosure declaration” nook.
  • Hit the “Press to Start” button to kick things off.
  • Just glide through the instructions and wrap up your financial disclosure declaration.

Nazaha (Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority)

utilizing nazaha’s Sahel App

Dive into the world of Nazaha Kuwait through the Sahel app, where simplicity meets efficiency. Follow this roadmap to tap into Nazaha’s offerings:

  • Kick things off by snagging the Sahel app from the “Play Store” or “App Store”.
  • Slide into your account or set up a fresh one if you’re not onboard yet.
  • Cruise over to the “Services” hub nestled within the app’s universe.
  • Spot Nazaha in the lineup and give it a tap.
  • Uncover Nazaha’s treasure trove of services within the app, ready to tackle any corruption concerns head-on.

Nazaha jobs online

Looking to join the anti-corruption crusade and uphold integrity in Kuwait? Check out Nazaha’s job offerings online with this handy guide:

  • Launch your browser and head to the Nazaha website “From Here”.
  • Glide down the homepage until you spot the “Available Job Vacancies” section.
  • Fire up a new tab in your browser to unveil the array of job positions waiting for your exploration.

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the nazaha kuwait App

To access Nazaha’s services through the Sahel app, users can download and launch the app from major app stores, sign in or register, and navigate to the services section to explore Nazaha’s offerings.

nazaha kuwait contact information

Dive into the contact info they’ve provided for a direct line to discuss corruption concerns or any burning questions you’ve got.

Phone Number

Individuals can contact Nazaha via phone by dialing 118 for inquiries or to report corruption-related matters.

Email address

For communication via email, individuals can reach out to Nazaha at [email protected], providing a written record of their concerns or inquiries.


Nazaha’s physical address offers another channel for individuals to communicate with the organization directly, whether to submit documentation or seek assistance regarding corruption-related issues.

Nazaha (Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority) stands as a cornerstone in Kuwait’s fight against corruption, offering a range of services aimed at promoting transparency, integrity, and accountability. By providing accessible platforms for reporting corruption, facilitating financial disclosures, and offering job opportunities, Nazaha plays a crucial role in advancing Kuwait’s national interests.

Can anyone report corruption to Nazaha?

Yes, Nazaha encourages individuals from all sectors of society to report instances of corruption through its platforms.

Is the Sahel app available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, the Sahel app is available for download on both the Play Store and the App Store.

How often does Nazaha update its job vacancies?

Nazaha updates its job vacancies regularly, providing opportunities for individuals to join the organization’s anti-corruption efforts.

Can individuals report corruption anonymously to Nazaha?

Yes, Nazaha allows individuals to submit corruption reports anonymously to protect their identity and encourage transparency.

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