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moi kuwait traffic fine online check and pay

moi kuwait traffic fine online check and pay

moi kuwait traffic fine online check service provides a seamless way for individuals, companies, and GCC residents to manage their traffic violations. This service, available through the Ministry of Interior and the General Traffic Department’s electronic portal, ensures that you can handle fines efficiently without visiting physical offices.

moi kuwait traffic fine online check by company number

moi kuwait traffic fine online check and pay

moi kuwait traffic fine online check and pay fines could be much easier than ever using the moi portal by following the main steps: 

step 1: Access the MOI Website

  • Navigate to the “General Traffic Department” section and select “Pay Violations.”

step 2: Choose “Company”

  • Enter your company number.

step 3: Click “Enquire”

  • View the details of your company’s violations.

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moi kuwait traffic violation check by civil id

moi kuwait traffic fine online check and pay

Checking traffic fines online as an individual is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

step 1: Visit the General Traffic Department Section on the MOI Website

  • Head to the “Pay Violations” section.

step 2: Select “Individual”

  • Enter your Civil ID number.

step 3: Click “Enquire”

  • Review your violations, including types, dates, and amounts.

kuwait traffic fine check by number plate

moi kuwait traffic fine online check and pay

GCC residents can check their traffic violations online by number plate with these steps:

step 1: Visit the MOI Website

  • Go to the section for GCC residents that is specified.

step 2: Enter Vehicle Information

  • Input your vehicle’s number plate and alphabet plate.

step 3: Click “Inquiry”

  • Check for violations and follow payment procedures if necessary.

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Types of Traffic Violations and Penalties

Traffic violations in Kuwait come with various penalties, including fines and points on your driving record. Understanding these can help you avoid them.

Traffic ViolationPenalty PointsConfinementFine
Driving without a License30 pointsThree monthsKD 100
Reckless Driving30 pointsThree monthsKD 100
Exceeding Speed LimitsVariesNot specifiedVaries

moi kuwait traffic fine payment

Paying traffic fines online is quick and secure on the Moi portal. By following these steps, the fines will be successfully paid:

step 1: Visit the MOI Pay Violations Website

  • Enter your Civil ID under the “Individual” category.

step 2: Select the Specific Ticket

  • Proceed to payment.

step 3: Enter Bank Information

  • Click “Submit” and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

step 4: Obtain a Receipt

  • Keep it for your records.

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The MOI ensures that all online transactions are secure. Measures include encryption and safe payment gateways to protect your data and financial information.

moi kuwait traffic fine online check has never been easier, thanks to the MOI’s online services. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can quickly check and pay your fines, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

How can I check my traffic fine in Kuwait?

You can check your traffic fines in Kuwait through the Ministry of Interior’s traffic services or the Sahel app.

How soon do traffic violations show up on the MOI website?

Traffic violations typically appear on the MOI website within 72 hours of being registered.

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