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kuwait zakat whatsapp group number

kuwait zakat whatsapp group numbre

kuwait zakat whatsapp group functions as a crucial hub for linking individuals requiring aid with those eager to provide support. This piece explores various aspects, including the Zakat House’s WhatsApp contact, protocols for donations, methods of Zakat calculation, and additional information.

kuwait zakat whatsapp group

kuwait zakat whatsapp group acts as a conduit, facilitating direct communication with Zakat House Kuwait’s committed team via WhatsApp at:

kuwait zakat whatsapp group number

Kuwait zakat whatsapp group link

Whether you seek guidance on zakat calculations, donation procedures, or any other related concerns, the Kuwait zakat whatsapp group team stands ready to offer assistance and guidance.

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kuwait country poor man help organisations email address contact

For assistance with poverty relief in Kuwait, you can reach out to the following organizations via email:

NamePhone No.Email
International Islamic Charitable Organization1808300[email protected]
Shaik Abdullah al-Noory Charitable Society96666698[email protected]
Islam Presentation Committee97600074
Patients Helping Fund Society22560061
Kuwait Zakat 94443366from here 

kuwait country poor man help organisations email address contact whatsapp number

In Kuwait, organizations like the Kuwait Zakat WhatsApp group (94443366) and others such as the International Islamic Charitable Organization and Shaik Abdullah al-Noory Charitable Society offer support to those in need. Whether via email or WhatsApp, these organizations provide essential assistance to alleviate poverty in the country.

financial help in Kuwait

In Kuwait, financial assistance is provided through Zakat House, with a total of 8.321.210 KD distributed in the first quarter of the year. This aid encompasses monthly support, occasional help, and goodwill loans, tailored to meet various needs like living expenses, medical treatments, and debt repayments. The process involves rigorous evaluation to ensure fair distribution, and efforts are made to simplify applications, including an online system launched for easier access to assistance.

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zakat house kuwait address

To simplify your access, Zakat House Kuwait has strategically positioned centers across Kuwait for your convenience. Find the detailed locations listed below:

  • Address Headquarters: Kuwait – Martyrs – block 7 – Ministries Area – P.B. 23865 Safa 13099

In summary, the Kuwait Zakat WhatsApp group acts as a central platform where community members unite, extend aid, and fulfill their Zakat obligations effectively, nurturing a climate of empathy and solidarity.

How to calculate zakat in Kuwait?

Use Zakat House’s online Zakat Calculator.

What’s Zakat House Kuwait’s purpose?

It manages zakat collection under the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

Does Zakat House have a WhatsApp contact?

Yes, reach them at 94443366 for inquiries and assistance.

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