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kuwait police number: full guide emergency numbre

kuwait police number: full guide emergency numbre

kuwait police number are crucial for ensuring safety and security. Whether you’re facing a fire, accident, or any other emergency, having the right numbers saved can be a lifesaver. This article provides comprehensive information about the Kuwait police number, locations, and other essential emergency contacts.

kuwait police number

kuwait police number for police in Kuwait is 112. This number connects you to the police, ambulance, and fire services. It’s operational 24/7, allowing you to report crimes, accidents, fires, or any urgent issues. The police in Kuwait are dedicated to maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of all residents.

Cyber Crime Emergency Number

With the rise of digital crimes, having a dedicated cyber crime emergency number is essential. In Kuwait, you can report cyber crimes by calling +96597283939. This service addresses issues like online fraud, hacking, and other cyber-related offenses, ensuring that digital spaces remain safe.

Traffic Police Number

Traffic issues, accidents, and violations are common on the roads. For traffic-related emergencies, you can contact the traffic police in Kuwait at +96599324092. This number helps in managing road incidents, ensuring smooth traffic flow, and addressing any traffic violations.

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Kuwait police number

It’s crucial to have the contact number for the Kuwait Police Station handy for reporting emergencies. Here are the phone numbers for police stations in different governorates throughout Kuwait:

Al Jahra Police Stations

Here are the contact numbers for some police stations in the Al Jahra governorate:

Kuwait City Police Stations

If you are in Kuwait City, here are the contact numbers for local police stations:

Ahmadi Police Stations

Residents of Ahmadi can reach their local police stations at these numbers:

Farwaniya Police Stations

For emergencies in the Farwaniya governorate, you can contact:

Mubarak Al-Kabir Police Stations

Here are the contacts for police stations in Mubarak Al-Kabir:

Hawally Governorate Police Stations

For the Hawally governorate, the following numbers are useful:

Kuwait Police Station Locations

Kuwait’s police stations are strategically located to ensure quick response times. This strategic distribution ensures that no matter where you are, help is just a phone call away. It’s essential to be aware of the nearest police station to your residence or workplace for faster assistance.

kuwait emergency numbers in Kuwait

Apart from the police, other emergency services are vital for residents. Here’s a quick list:

  • Police, Ambulance, and Fire Services: 112
  • Electricity & Water Emergency: 152
  • Consumer Protection – Ministry of Commerce: 135
  • Kuwait Municipality Hotline: 139
  • Ministry of Health Hotline: 151
  • Kuwait International Airport: 161
  • Public Institution for Social Security: 114
  • Zakat House: 175
  • Civil Service Commission: 1828888/133

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How to Report an Emergency in Kuwait

When reporting an emergency in Kuwait:

  1. Stay calm and provide clear information.
  2. Call the appropriate emergency number.
  3. Provide your location and details of the emergency.
  4. Follow any instructions given by the operator.
  5. Stay on the line until help arrives or until you are advised to hang up.
kuwait police number: full guide emergency numbre

having the kuwait police number saved in your phone is essential for ensuring your safety and the safety of others. Whether it’s a police emergency, a fire, or a medical issue, knowing whom to call can make all the difference.

What is the Police number in Kuwait?

The police number in Kuwait is 112.

What is the importance of saving emergency numbers?

Saving emergency numbers ensures quick access to help during emergencies, leading to faster response and resolution.

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