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kuwait election results today 2024: a full list

kuwait election results today 2024: a full list

kuwait election results 2024 reflect the public’s demand for change. This piece will delve into the successful candidates from each district and analyze Sahel’s contribution to the 2024 Kuwait Election.

kuwait election results today 2024

kuwait election results for 2024 have been disclosed, revealing the newly elected representatives for the Assembly. Below are the winners from each constituency:

Constituency 1 Winners

  • Osama Zaid Al-Zaid
  • Abdullah Jassem Al-Mudhaf
  • Mohammad Johar Hayat
  • Ahmad Haji Lari
  • Basel Hussain Al-Bahrani
  • Issa Ahmad Al-Kanderi
  • Khaled Marzouq Al-Ameera
  • Adel Jassim Al-Damkhi
  • Saleh Ahmad Ashour
  • Mohammad Barrak Al-Azmi

  Constituency 2 Winners

  • Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanem
  • Shuaib Ali Shaaban
  • Abdulwahab Aref Al-Essa
  • Falah Dhahi Al-Hajeri
  • Mohammad Barrak Al-Mutair
  • Bader Nashmi Al-Enezi
  • Nawaf Bhaish Al-Azmi
  • Abdullah Turki Al-Anbaei
  • Bader Hamed Al-Mulla
  • Fahad Abdulaziz Al-Masoud

  Constituency 3 Winners:

  • Abdulkarim Abdullah Al-Kandari
  • Abdulaziz Tareq Al-Saqaabi
  • Khaled Al-Mudhaf
  • Fares Saad Al-Otaibi
  • Ahmad Abdulaziz Al-Saadoun
  • Jarrah Khaled Al-Fouzan
  • Muhannad Talal Al-Sayer
  • Ahmad Nabil Al-Fadhl
  • Janan Mohsen Ramadan
  • Hamad Adel Al-Obaid

Constituency 4 Winners:

  • Shuaib Shabab Al-Muwaizri
  • Anwar Arrak Al-Dhaferi
  • Obaid Mohammad Al-Mutairi
  • Mohammad Awadh Al-Ruqaib
  • Mubarak Hmoud Al-Tasha
  • Bader Sayyar Al-Shammari
  • Saad Ali Al-Rashidi
  • Fayez Ghanem Al-Jamhour
  • Mubarak Haif Al-Hajraf
  • Mohammad Hayef Al-Mutairi

  Constituency 5 Winners

  • Fahad Falah Al-Azmi
  • Hamdan Salem Al-Azmi
  • Mutib Nasser Al-Suhali
  • Saud Abdulaziz Al-Hajri
  • Bader Zayed Al-Dahoum
  • Majed Musaed Al-Mutairi
  • Abdulhadi Nasser Al-Ajmi
  • Hani Hussein Shams
  • Mohammad Musaed Al-Dawsari
  • Khaled Mohammad Al-Otaibi

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kuwait elections 2024 services

Sahel revolutionizes the election process with its latest service for the National Assembly election. Now, users can effortlessly confirm their electoral registration status or that of others using the “Sahel” mobile application. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Download the “Sahel” app from either:
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Navigate to the menu icon and select “Services”.
  • Choose “Ministry of Interior” from the options.
  • Select “Electoral Registration Data Inquiry”.
  • Enter the civil ID number.
  • Instantly view the registration status.
kuwait election results today 2024: a full list

kuwait election update

Updates on Kuwait’s Election Progress:

  • The first election under Sheikh Meshal al-Ahmad al-Sabah’s leadership.
  • Emphasis on economic reforms.
  • Efforts to resolve tensions between the government and parliament.
  • Sparse candidate participation despite ongoing political disputes.
  • Focus on reducing reliance on oil revenues.
  • Parliament dissolution due to constitutional violations.
  • Reform was prioritized over negotiations with political factions.
  • Democratic elements in the legislature, but there are risks of political stagnation.
  • 200 candidates competed for parliamentary seats.

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kuwait election holiday

Here’s the breakdown for the years 2022 through 2024:

2022Thursday29 SepParliamentary Election BreakGovernment Off
2023Tuesday6 JunParliamentary Election BreakGovernment Off
2024Thursday4 AprParliamentary Election BreakGovernment Off

In Kuwait, election results highlight the country’s unique political setup, featuring independent candidate involvement and a single legislative chamber.

What role do international observers play in Kuwait’s parliamentary elections?

International observers may be invited to monitor Kuwait’s parliamentary elections to provide impartial assessments of the electoral process and adherence to democratic principles.

How does the government ensure the integrity and fairness of elections?

Election authorities in Kuwait work to ensure the integrity and fairness of elections through measures such as voter registration, monitoring of campaign finance, and oversight of the voting process.

Can expatriates or non-Kuwaiti citizens participate in the elections?

No, only Kuwaiti citizens have the right to vote and run for office in Kuwait’s parliamentary elections.

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