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kiosk near me open now

kiosk near me open now

kiosk near me serve as convenient touchpoints for various administrative needs and knowing how to find one nearby can save time and hassle. Here’s a comprehensive guide to locating a kiosk near you and making the most of its services.

kiosk near me open now

kiosk near me could be found by using mapping applications like Google Maps, or the Kuwait Finder app. Follow these steps:

Utilizing Google Maps

Launch a Map Application
  • Open Google Maps or a similar mapping service on your device.
Search Kiosk Near Me
  • Type “kiosk near me” into the search bar.
Review Results
  • Explore the list of kiosks displayed on the map or in the search results.
Select Desired Kiosk
  • Choose the kiosk that best suits your needs or is closest to your current location.
Kuwait Finder App

Download the App
  • Get the Kuwait Finder app from the Play Store or App Store.
Enable Location Services
  • Open the app and allow it to access your device’s location.
Identify Current Location
  • The app will automatically detect your current location.
Search for Kiosks
  •  Enter “kiosk near me” in the search section and select “Routes” for your desired kiosk address.

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kiosk near me open now

Kiosk near me open now location

PACI kiosks are strategically positioned across Kuwait to provide easy access for individuals seeking various administrative services. These kiosks are hosted by various banks and financial institutions. Here are some locations where PACI kiosks can be found:

  • Kuwait Finance House (KFH)
    • location: ishbiliya, shuwaikh, alsalam, abdullah mubarak, al andalus, fahad al ahmad.
  • Boubyan Bank
    • location: qasr, sabah alsalem, andalus, sideeq, ahmadi.
  • Kuwait International Bank (KIB)
    • location: kib ho, kib egaila 89 mall, kib zahra, South Surra, kib farwaniya, kib jaber alahmed.
  • Burgan Bank
    • location: bbk ho, bbk adailiya, bbk marina walk.
  • Al Rajhi Bank
    • location: sharq al-rajhi bank, jahra mall al-rajhi bank.
  • National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)
    • location: nbk ho, rumaithiya, mubarak al kabeer, avenues, NBK Van.
  • ABK (Ahly Bank)
    • location: abk-ho, abk-sabah (sabah hospital), abk-jabriya, abk-fahaheel- al kout mall, abk-al addan, al khiran mall.
  • Ahli United Bank (AUB)
    • location: avenues, aub ho.
  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)
    • location: Mubarak Alkabeer
  • Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK)
    • location: Al Ahmadi

paci near me kuwait

PACI has strategically positioned branches in major cities to ensure convenient access for residents and citizens. Here are some locations and their operating hours:

  • Kaifan Civil ID Office: Open Mon-Thu, Sun: 8 AM–1 PM, 2–8 PM
  • Ahmadi Civil ID Office: Open Mon-Thu, Sun: 8 AM–1 PM, 3–7 PM
  • Jahra Civil ID Office: Open Mon-Thu, Sun: 8 AM–1 PM, 3–7 PM
  • PACI Headquarters South Surrah: Open Mon-Thu, Sun: 8 AM–1 PM, 3–7 PM
  • Important Authority for Civil Information, Al-Jahra: Open Mon-Thu, Sun: 7:30 AM–1 PM; Fri, Sat: 1 PM–12 AM
  • Kuwait Jahra Centre: Open Mon-Thu, Sun: 8 AM–1 PM, 3–7 PM
  •   PACI Center Government Mall – Jaber al-Ali: Open Mon-Thu, Sun: 8 AM–1 PM, 2–7 PM
  •   PACI Civil ID Fahaheel Mangaf Collection Center: Open Sun-Thu: 8 AM–1 PM; Fri, Sat: Closed
  • Public Authority for Civil Information, Kaifan Mall: Open Fri-Thu: 10 AM–10 PM
  • PACI Ahmadi Center: Open Sun-Thu: 8 AM–2:30 PM; Fri, Sat: Closed

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kiosk near me open now

How to Use a Kiosk Machine in Kuwait

Operating a kiosk machine in Kuwait is straightforward:

Visit a Kiosk Location
  • Find a kiosk offering your desired service.
Follow On-Screen Instructions
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the kiosk screen.
Wait for Processing
  • Allow the kiosk 5–10 minutes to process and generate your requested service.

kiosk near me offer convenient access to essential services. Tools like Google Maps and the Kuwait Finder app streamline the process, ensuring quick and efficient service for residents and citizens alike.

Can I pay fees using PACI kiosks?

Yes, PACI kiosks often support payment for various services through integrated payment systems.

Are PACI kiosks available 24/7?

No, PACI kiosks operate during specific hours as per the hosting bank’s schedule.

Can I access all PACI services through kiosks?

Most essential services provided by PACI can be accessed through kiosks, but certain complex transactions may require visiting a PACI branch.

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