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inquiry about civil id status kuwait through 6 methods with steps

inquiry about civil id status kuwait through 6 methods with steps

inquiry about civil id status kuwait is pivotal for numerous reasons. Whether applying for a new ID, renewing an existing one, or updating personal details, knowing the status ensures smooth administrative processes. Additionally, it facilitates various transactions, such as opening bank accounts or accessing government services, where a valid ID is mandatory.

inquiry about civil id status kuwait

inquiry about civil id status kuwait is one of the conveniences extended by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). In this piece, we’ll delve into the diverse avenues available for citizens, residents, and expatriates to ascertain the status of their civil card.

Method 1: PACI Civil ID Status Check1. Visit the PACI official website. 2. Click on “Card Status”. 3. Enter your Civil ID number and click “Submit”. 4. Review the displayed status.
Method 2: Mobile ID Status Check1. Download the PACI mobile app. 2. Open the app and select “Civil ID Inquiry”. 3. Enter your Civil ID number, date of birth, and verification code. 4. Tap “Submit”.
Method 3: Kuwait Government Online Civil ID Check1. Visit the Kuwait Government Online page. 2. Enter your Civil ID and click “Query”. 3. Review the status.
Method 4: Civil ID Helpline Number Inquiry1. Dial 1889988 and select your language. 2. Press 1 for query service. 3. Enter your ID number. 4. Await results.
Method 5: Civil ID SMS Status Check1. Compose a new message. 2. Type “M/م” followed by your Civil ID. 3. Send to 1889988. 4. Await status response.
Method 6: Civil ID Status Check at PACI Center1. Locate the nearest PACI service center. 2. Use the self-service kiosk. 3. Follow on-screen instructions. 4. Scan fingerprint or Civil ID card.
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Civil ID status check types

When you check the status of your Civil ID, one of these status types may appear.

Civil ID StatusDescription
In ProcessCivil ID card is currently undergoing processing.
Valid IDID is currently valid; revisit if a renewal application has been submitted.
Not Renewed or ProcessingID has not been renewed or is still undergoing processing; recheck after 10 days if renewal documents have been submitted.
Expired IDID has expired; if a renewal application is in progress, try again later or renew promptly.
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When to Check Your Civil ID Status

It’s advisable to check your Civil ID status regularly, especially before:

  • Making travel arrangements
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Accessing specific government services

Kuwait civil ID, paci home delivery status check 

Tracking the delivery status of your Kuwait Civil ID card is a straightforward process facilitated by PACI. Follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the PACI website  “From Here“.
  • From the options menu located in the top right corner of the page, select ‘Delivery Request Status.’
  • Enter your Kuwait Civil ID number and initiate the search.
  • The website will display the current delivery status of your card, allowing you to track its progress effortlessly.
inquiry about civil id status kuwait through 6 methods with steps

to sum up, inquiry about civil id status kuwait is an essential administrative task facilitated by various methods, including online platforms, mobile applications, and in-person services. Regularly checking the status ensures smooth processing of ID-related tasks and facilitates access to essential services.

Is There a Fee to Check Civil ID Status Online?

There is no charge for accessing your Civil ID status online. It’s a government service provided at no cost to citizens, residents, and expatriates in Kuwait.

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