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https // appointment portal

https // appointment portal

https // appointment platform offers a convenient way for users to schedule appointments in advance before visiting relevant government departments in Kuwait. This guide aims to simplify the process of accessing the Meta Kuwait portal, registering for an account, logging in, securing appointments, and addressing any potential issues encountered during the process.

https // appointment portal

https // appointment platform, including its online appointment system, serves as a vital digital hub, streamlining access to various government services and marking a notable digital evolution in Kuwait, To access the online portal, click on the link below:

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meta kuwait biometric appointment steps 

The Meta Portal Kuwait, a digital platform offered by the Kuwaiti government, empowers users to arrange and oversee appointments for various government services. to book an appointment, follow the main steps: 

Accessing the Meta Kuwait Portal

To begin, visit the Meta Kuwait website and log in to your account.

https // appointment portal

Navigating to the Appointments Section

Once logged in, navigate to the dashboard and locate the “Appointments” tab.

https // appointment portal

Selecting Government Agency and Service

From the Appointments section, choose the government agency you require an appointment with, followed by selecting the specific service or department needed.

https // appointment portal

Choosing Appointment Date and Time

After selecting the service, pick a suitable date and time for your appointment from the available slots.

https // appointment portal

Submission of Appointment Request

Double-check all appointment details for accuracy and submit your appointment request.

https // appointment portal

Meta Kuwait Customer appointment services

For assistance or inquiries, users can contact Meta Kuwait’s dedicated customer service via the following contact information:

In short, the https // appointment system is a crucial digital center, revolutionizing access to government services in Kuwait.

How do I log in to my Meta Kuwait account?

Go to the Meta Kuwait website, input your civil ID and password, and select the “Log In” option.

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