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Civil ID Delivery PACI Payment Fees

Civil ID Delivery PACI Payment Fees

PACI presents an array of innovative services, prominently featuring the Civil ID Delivery, which serves as a testament to the authority’s dedication to furnishing individuals with a streamlined and convenient experience. This article aims to elucidate the nuances of the “Civil ID Delivery PACI Payment Fees” system, providing insights into its payment structure, initiation process, tracking mechanisms, and an overarching commitment to accessibility.

Civil ID Delivery PACI Fees

Civil ID Delivery PACI service offered by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) for a sum of approximately:

  • Individual civil card delivery to the residential address incurs a fee of two Kuwaiti dinars per card.
  • For additional cards delivered to the same address, an extra charge of 1/4 Kuwaiti dinar applies for each supplementary card.

Civil ID Delivery PACI Payment steps

The process of requesting home delivery for your Civil ID through PACI is both simple and can be conveniently completed from the comfort of your own space. Follow this comprehensive guide to register for the service effortlessly.

  • Step 1: Visit the “” and make the most of the Temporary Delivery Cards service.
  • Step 2: Provide essential information including the requester’s Civil ID, stored Civil ID, relationship details, and mobile number.
  • Step 3: Click on “Next” to seamlessly proceed with your request.
  • Step 4: Input your delivery address effortlessly with on-screen guidance.
  • step 5: continue the payment structure.

note that To facilitate this payment, individuals can utilize the secure “k-net” channel, an online payment gateway that accepts debit cards issued by local Kuwaiti banks.

Civil ID Delivery PACI Payment link

Explore the world of Civil ID delivery in Kuwait through the official website of the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) by navigating to This online platform serves as a comprehensive hub for various services and information.

Using Civil ID Delivery PACI benifits

Embarking on the journey of requesting home delivery for your Civil ID via the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) introduces a convenient alternative, particularly for those unable to visit a PACI office in person.

  • Opting for Civil ID Delivery PACI saves valuable time and effort, eliminating the need to physically visit a PACI office.
  • The online payment option through a secure gateway adds a layer of convenience, allowing payments without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • There is only a 2KD charge for the home delivery service.

track civil id delivery

Utilize the tracking system to stay updated on your Civil ID delivery status in Kuwait. you can even Dial 1889988 for tracking purposes. or visit Civil ID Delivery PACI platform and check the card status.

Civil ID Delivery PACI offers a hassle-free and effective method for individuals to apply for and receive their Civil IDs, eliminating the necessity of a physical visit to a PACI office.

Is the online payment process secure?

Yes, the online payment process through the “k-net” channel is secure, ensuring the protection of your financial information.

How much is the fee for Civil ID home delivery through PACI?

The fee for home delivery of a Civil ID via PACI is 2KD (Kuwaiti Dinar), in addition to the standard Civil ID acquisition fee.

Can I make the payment for Civil ID Delivery online?

Yes, the payment for the Civil ID Delivery service can be made online through the “k-net” channel, a secure online payment gateway accepting debit cards from local Kuwaiti banks.

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