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biometric scan kuwait location and appointment steps

biometric scan kuwait location and appointment steps

biometric scan kuwait for all individuals entering the country, aiming to enhance security and safeguard national interests. This article provides a detailed guide on how individuals can arrange biometric appointments and the locations where they can undergo these scans.

biometric scan kuwait

biometric scan kuwait applies to all individuals, including citizens, residents, and visitors. It plays a crucial role in bolstering security measures at border crossings and upholding the nation’s safety standards.

The biometric system in Kuwait encompasses scans of the face, eyes, and fingerprints of individuals aged 18 and above. This comprehensive approach ensures accurate identification and verification of individuals entering the country through its ports.

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Recent Updates on Biometric Scan

The latest information regarding Kuwait’s biometric appointment procedure includes:

  • Deadline Announcement: The Ministry of Interior has announced a three-month deadline, starting on March 1, 2024, for citizens and residents to obtain biometric fingerprints.
  • Requirement: Citizens and residents are informed that obtaining biometric fingerprints is mandatory, and failure to comply will result in the suspension of transactions with the Ministry.
  • Collection Process: Biometric fingerprints for citizens and residents of GCC countries are collected at border entry points, Kuwait International Airport, and designated centers.
  • Immediate Collection: GCC citizens and residents can have their biometric fingerprints taken immediately upon arrival at designated centers and commercial complexes.

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Biometric Centers in Kuwait

Kuwait has strategically positioned specialized biometric centers across the country. Some of the key locations include:

Finger Print Meshrif (Hawally & Alasema) 

  Finger Print Meshrif (Hawally & Alasema)

  Mubarak al Kabeer Fingerprint Office 

Fingerprint Services, Ali Sabah Al Salem Co-op 

Ahmedi Fingerprint Office 

Jahra Personal Identification & Finger Print 

biometric kuwait al kout mall 

biometric kuwait 360 Mall 

biometric kuwait Avenues Mall 

biometric kuwait The Capital 

meta kuwait biometric appointment

The Meta portal provides another platform for arranging biometric appointments in Kuwait. Here’s how:

  • Log in to Meta Portal: Log in to the Meta Portal “From Here“.
  • Access Dashboard: Go to the dashboard and select “Appointments.”
  • Choose Ministry of Interior Kuwait: Select the Ministry of Interior Kuwait option.
  • Select Biometric Enrollment: Choose the “Biometric Enrollment” option.
  • Pick a Date and Time: Select a convenient date and time for your appointment.
  • Confirm and Submit: Confirm your appointment details and submit your request.

biometric appointment kuwait via sahel app

The Sahel app offers a convenient way to schedule biometric appointments in Kuwait. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Download the Sahel: Download the Sahel app from the “Play Store” or “App Store“.
  • Log in and select Appointments: Log in to the app and select the “Appointments” option.
  • Choose Ministry of Interior: Navigate to the Ministry of Interior section.
  • Select Biometric Appointment: Choose the “Biometric fingerprint” appointment option.
  • Pick location, day, and time: Select your preferred location, date, and time slot.
  • Confirm and book: Confirm your appointment details and book your biometric appointment.

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moi online appointment kuwait 

The Ministry of Interior’s website also facilitates the scheduling of biometric appointments. Follow these steps:

  • Visit MOI Website: Access the official MOI website “From Here“.
  • Navigate to Appointments: Go to the “Appointment” section.
  • Choose Appointment Type: Select either “GCC National
  • Biometric Enrollment” or “Meta platform.”
  • Follow Instructions: Follow the instructions provided to book your biometric appointment.

GCC Biometric Appointment Process

GCC residents can schedule biometric fingerprint appointments in Kuwait through the MOI website. Follow these steps:

  • Visit MOI Website: Access the official MOI website “From Here“.
  • Go to the Appointment Section: Navigate to the “Appointment” section.
  • Choose Appointment Type: Select “GCC National Biometric Enrollment.”
  • Schedule an appointment: Follow the prompts to schedule your biometric appointment.

The implementation of the biometric scan kuwait signifies a strategic move to bolster security measures and uphold the nation’s safety. With streamlined appointment processes and strategically located biometric centers, Kuwait aims to ensure efficient entry procedures while maintaining stringent security standards.

Is the biometric scan mandatory for all individuals entering Kuwait?

Yes, the biometric scan mandate extends to all individuals entering Kuwait, regardless of citizenship status.

Can I schedule a biometric appointment through the Sahel app?

Yes, the Sahel app provides a user-friendly platform for scheduling biometric appointments in Kuwait.

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